Hi I’m Mari and Its been 12,897 days since my last blog post.

That’s how these meetings start right?

So…I’ve never blogged.  I’ve always loved writing even though I’m not any good at it, so I thought a blog would be a good medium to spill my thoughts on being a mom, soon to be wife (because I cant find the right symbol for the “C” in fiance), career woman and did I mention sick as a dog?   Ya.  That’s me!

Having put The Girl on the school bus I am now suppose to be working.  However my brain has said fuck you decided it doesn’t want to function today so here I sit, while my work piles up.   I do math for a living. Which is ironic because I always barely and sometimes didn’t pass math in school.  Yet I am extremely good at my job.   At least normally.  I have hypothyroidism and for some unknown reason I have gone down hill medically very, very fast in the last few months.  Specialist has no idea why.  (Go on Doc, tell me we will run some more tests ONE MORE TIME!!!)  It makes it almost impossible to do my job.  I have already had to drop 95% of my clients, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough to stay on top of my work load.    Ive even had to ask my mother god help me to come stay with me to help me with my daughter.  Galling!

My life is  a mess.  A good, happy mess, but still a total fucking mess.

Welcome to the insanity!


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